It used to be common that after many times of temple opening and closing, hinge screw got loose, that would lead to lose luxury.

The frame which is developed to prevent getting loose hinge screw or uneven opening and closing by aged deterioration.

This maintains opening and closing with clicking in both fifty thousand and also a hundred thousand times of open/close test.






It is developed for users of bifocals and single focal reading glasses.

A main characteristic is that it is inclination angle is changeable without taking off the spectacles.

A hundred thousand times of movement test have been passed.

The feeling clicks are expected effect of comfort.








Our proprietary technology for temples, two threaded super-elastic wires go thourgh tittanium parts that are put durable ceramic balls between each of them.

These components of temples are assembled without soldering.

This is for preventing heat stress to titanium, which offer you durable and flexible to wear.

Patent No. (No.6074269)








A functional and fashionable temple design which combines with our new developed Spring system.

These unique temples offer durable, flexible and extremely comfort fit, which is made through our accurate design, and machining titanium and soldering by our experienced experts.

Registered Utility Model (No.3207203)